Monday, 30 September 2013

Thumbnails 1-13

After the tutorials with Jordan Buckner we began to document some of our own thumbnails on photoshop. Using a Wacom Intous 4 Graphics tablet I drew some of the first illustrations toward my project. I used the extracts given to me last week to construct some of my own designs with the addition of short mind maps. Here are my first 13 thumbnails, I have nearly finished another 12 so I'll upload those when I next get the chance.

Influence map - Time Machine Ideas

Second influence map regarding my cinematic spaces project. I brainstormed possible viewpoints and ideas to venture from, a much vaster collaboration than the previous map

Influence map - MarcSimonetti

Whilst browsing through tumblr last night I came across a digital artist I have grown quite fond of. I am a fan of some of his illustrations for the 'Games Of Thrones' series, also his style is engaging and I wish to be influenced by his creative style. He is a true professional artist with a career spanning a decade but I aim to one day complete artwork to this standard.