Monday, 24 February 2014

Pre Vis - Contra Zoom

Pre Vis - Camera Shake and Fall

Artists Toolkit - Life Drawing prt9

Janet - Life Drawing - Oil pastels, Charcoal, Pen, Pencil

Artists Toolkit - Life Drawing prt8

Alan - Life Drawing - Chalks, Charcoals, Pencils, Pen

Artists Toolkit - Life Drawing prt7

Francis - Life Drawing - Chalk, Pastels, Charcoal

Artists Toolkit - Life Drawing prt6

Francis - Life Drawing - Chalks, Pastels

Artists Toolkit - Life Drawing prt5

Alan - Life Drawing - Poses with objects and working with hints of tone, experimenting with abstract body parts

Artists Toolkit - Life Drawing prt4

Jane - Life Drawing - Pencil, Pen, Oil Pastels, Acrylic Paints

Friday, 21 February 2014

Final Animatic - From Script to Screen

Crit - From Script to Screen

From Script to Screen - Prop Camera Concept Art

La Jetee Film Review

From Script to Screen - Character Biographies

From Script to Screen - Script amendments

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

From Script to Screen - Submission Disc Artwork

From Script to Screen - Art Of - Caroline and the Clown

My wacom tablet has developed a fault and these two concepts were almost done except the face, I was going to revisit them at a later time to complete them further. 

From Script to Screen - Insuranco Interior

This is as far as I got before my Wacom tablet developed a fault, I needed to do the concept art for Caroline's office and also the burned out property. I am hoping I can complete these tomorrow as well as my final concepts and animatic.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

From Script to Screen - Insuraco Exterior Step by Step

I have decided to go for an oil pastel look in my production art, I wanted to try a different style and I think it aids my projection very nicely. This is Insuraco the building where Caroline is pulled from in the beginning and end of my production. Developed from a simple thumbnail to a considered final above.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Walk Cycle animation

From Script to Screen - Clown Costume Variations

Some of the variations i covered for my clowns attire for my script to screen project. The slouching position is how I want him to appear, also looking through his eyebrows up with an evil smile could be interesting.

From Script to Screen - Caroline Costume Concepts

Not entirely sure which design to give Caroline the main character of my story. She is an insurance claims adjuster in her mid thirties and I cannot choose. Please advise if you can :)

Saturday, 8 February 2014

From Script to Screen: New Logline, Premise and Step Outline

Logline: an insurance claims adjuster visits a burned out derelict property and searches for the cause of the initial outbreak, but what will she find?

Premise: memories never truly decay and neither does pain.

Step Outline:
  1. Insurance claims adjuster, Caroline is pulled out of her work building which is set ablaze.
  2. Laid down onto an ambulance flatbed she is given oxygen and witnesses something truly terrifying in the direction of the fire. 
  3. Cut back in time earlier that day where she enters the office and takes a seat at her desk.
  4. She turns on her computer and readies herself for work.
  5. She takes out her camera and places it upon the desk
  6. The photos upload to the computer and she begins the playback.
  7. Her eyes widen. She clicks the back button and we see what she sees.
  8. A mysterious figure moving slowly closer to the camera, someone who appears as an apparition. Finally we see it is a clown embraced by fire glaring menacingly out the computer screen to Caroline.
  9. She clicks past the image and the clown disappears from sight. She pauses and senses somethings wrong. she scans the room and unbeknownst to her the clown is standing right behind her.
  10. Cut forward to her wrestling the emergency servicemen to warn them of the clown and we zoom in to the doorway where the clown is standing observed by no-one other than Caroline.  

From Script to Screen - Script idea (untitled)