Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Adaptation Part B - Coney Globe Tower Placement Images

So these images were taken from google earth near the steeplechase grounds that were bought to house the 'supposed-ed' foundations for the CBT. You can see that the area has been cleared and almost derelict today, probably due to lack of interest of the coast.
 Luna Park
A little way down the road from the potential build is where probably the main competition of the CBT stands even today and that is Luna Park, an amusement entertainment park that has stood in coney island since 1902.
 An artists rendering and impressions of the coney island landscape, you can see the shops and an assortment of buildings that once stood there, this is taken near the corner of the images i found on google earth.
This image shows how sheer the traffic once was presumably in the hotter months when the attractions were receiving the most interest. 

Adaptation Part B - video style and silent movie theme

For the video style for my fly through of the Coney Globe Tower I wanted to deploy the use of silent movie themed fonts and video effects. The tower would have been constructed in the early 1900's so for there to be classic upbeat strings and wind instruments as the backing would help the illusion I wish to create.

This is a example of the effect I wish to have when displaying slides to the audience displaying information about the construction. I want to describe the scale to the viewer and how grand and exciting it could be.

The more i delve into the research and how it should be adapted I think I will aim to create a building proposal for the tower to potential investors instead of just a tour. This will allow me to create the model like it would be constructed as a small scaled replica version. So size comparison to other structures should be my focus. I will research the surrounding area and work from there to size the tower accordingly.

Adaptation Part B - Coney Globe Icon (Illustrator)

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Adaptation Film Programme : Persepolis (2007)

Persepolis (2007) is an animation which was co-written and directed by Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi. Paronnaud is a french comic book artist and film-maker, his other noticeable works include 'Chicken with plums' and 'Raging blues'. Born in 1970 La Rochelle. Satrapi has worked with Paronnaud in the more recent film 'Chicken with plums'. Born in 1969 in Iran, she is a graphic novelist and a children's book author. Her novel 'Persepolis' (2000) was later adapted onscreen several years later.

Set in 1970's Iran, the film follows the autobiography of Marjane Satrapi. Her harsh child-hood and most of her adult life being subject to the tyranny of Islamic fundamentalists. Everything is censored to some sort of degree and the people are not safe even from their own government. Satrapi is sent away to Vienna to start a-new and away from the bleak cruelty of her homeland.

This film touches upon the fragile subject of the Iran plight of governments and the re-precussions of their proceedings on their own people. Crushing the freedom of speech and the will of individuality. I would recommend this film to those seeking to gain knowledge of this time through the eyes of one instead of many. If you have seen 'Waltz with Bashir' I would infer this would help construct an even more in-depth look upon Islamic culture.

Adaptation & Professional Practice Film Review - Waltz With Bashir (2008)

Israeli film maker Ari Foleman wrote, directed and stars in the autobiographic animated film 'Waltz With Bashir' (2008). It follows the 1982 invasion of Lebanon and the animation recreates events told by soldiers re-collecting the event to someone who has had a lapse in memory in regards to the war. It won Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film, an NSFC Award for Best Film and other prestigious awards.

The film begins with an old associate of a Ari Foleman getting into contact with him over a very perculair dream, one that is described to be fabricated from an experience his contact had in the war. From this recreation it drives Foleman's obsession to discover his memories and understand the strange dream he is also having.

From start to finish the animation is crisp, clear and the animators make sense of the conversion from 2d to 3d. It is presented rather clever, even the transitions from animation to existing camera footage is seemingless and doesn't interrupt the feel of the film. I would recommend this film to people who would be interested to learn a different interpretation towards the war against Palestinians from a soldiers perspective view, also those who prefer animations to be presented in a 'Walking Dead Graphic Novelist Style'