Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Adaptation Part B - Coney Globe Tower Placement Images

So these images were taken from google earth near the steeplechase grounds that were bought to house the 'supposed-ed' foundations for the CBT. You can see that the area has been cleared and almost derelict today, probably due to lack of interest of the coast.
 Luna Park
A little way down the road from the potential build is where probably the main competition of the CBT stands even today and that is Luna Park, an amusement entertainment park that has stood in coney island since 1902.
 An artists rendering and impressions of the coney island landscape, you can see the shops and an assortment of buildings that once stood there, this is taken near the corner of the images i found on google earth.
This image shows how sheer the traffic once was presumably in the hotter months when the attractions were receiving the most interest. 

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