Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Adaptation Part B - video style and silent movie theme

For the video style for my fly through of the Coney Globe Tower I wanted to deploy the use of silent movie themed fonts and video effects. The tower would have been constructed in the early 1900's so for there to be classic upbeat strings and wind instruments as the backing would help the illusion I wish to create.

This is a example of the effect I wish to have when displaying slides to the audience displaying information about the construction. I want to describe the scale to the viewer and how grand and exciting it could be.

The more i delve into the research and how it should be adapted I think I will aim to create a building proposal for the tower to potential investors instead of just a tour. This will allow me to create the model like it would be constructed as a small scaled replica version. So size comparison to other structures should be my focus. I will research the surrounding area and work from there to size the tower accordingly.

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