Thursday, 12 December 2013

Unfinished Secret Lair Render

My secret lair for the Volcanic Princess, it is unfinished and has its flaws but I think we can gain a general impression of what I had looked to accomplish in this task. I have altered my design three times in the duration of this project from a Throne room, Great hall and now a volcanic play pen. I managed to texture some elements in the scene but have skipped a few stages to achieve this look. Hopefully I can present this to reflect my work from this idea over the past two and a half weeks to appose the seven week duration.

Volcanic Princess Lair progress

More development of my maya scene, my attribute editor and outliner detailing my groups were complex due to a lack of tidiness, I was finding it hard to decipher the correct blinns and textures. Also the glow has been refined by the aid of Ayunie and Lisa, I have intensified the glow by tenfold and now I can notice it a whole lot more :)

Hero Prop Orthographics

My hero prop orthographics top side and front. A basic quick sketch illustrating my prop.

Hero Prop Concept Art

The Obelisk key is what the Volcanic Princess uses to activate her installation, upon placing it into the empty space provided, the key itself activates and glows from the middle to produce ambient lighting as the installation begins destroying her structures. Much like the buildings in her installation the Hero prop will be seen as a basic design, small handles for her to hold either side to equal the weight as she places it down.

Volcanic Princess - Secret Lair - Orthographics

Orthographic of my secret lair

Submission Disk Artwork - Volcanic Princess

Originally this artwork was going to push my project forward before receiving feedback in my second OGR. The dining room scene could be where the king, queen and princess feast, I didn't want to waste the time I spent on this art and I think it relates with my project and is suitable for a submission disc

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Volcanic Princess Lair Lighting development

 Once I formed the Obsidian bars revolving round the lair, I began fiddling with the lighting.
 I begun to add lights equally around the lair highlighting the inner bars .
 I faced additional lights outward to catch the heat rising on the bars via to the exposure of the intense lava flow. In this image the bars appear to be quite bright, perhaps to overexposing them to the intensity of the area light, so i lowered this and added shades of light reds.
Im finding problems making my Lava blinns all glow together in a single render as it seems once i select one the other disappears once the render is complete. I need to fix this before I finish my modelling and extra point lights.

Volcanic Princess Lair Progress

Maya managed to crash again whilst i was forming the obsidian bar formations around my lair, these were the screenshots i managed to save before i lost my progress. There have been some changes since my concept art and I didn't realise how different my design would look. I decided to extend the lava flow to surround the volcanic installation, started to extrude in the bowl to add more lava as well.

Unfinished Concept Art - Volcanic Princess

The unfinished concept art for my lair, I'm having trouble with the lighting with this piece, I would like the lighting to come from only the lava instead of offscreen. But this artwork can give us a general impression of what I'm looking to head towards

Production Designer Profile - Erik Tiemens