Saturday, 8 February 2014

From Script to Screen: New Logline, Premise and Step Outline

Logline: an insurance claims adjuster visits a burned out derelict property and searches for the cause of the initial outbreak, but what will she find?

Premise: memories never truly decay and neither does pain.

Step Outline:
  1. Insurance claims adjuster, Caroline is pulled out of her work building which is set ablaze.
  2. Laid down onto an ambulance flatbed she is given oxygen and witnesses something truly terrifying in the direction of the fire. 
  3. Cut back in time earlier that day where she enters the office and takes a seat at her desk.
  4. She turns on her computer and readies herself for work.
  5. She takes out her camera and places it upon the desk
  6. The photos upload to the computer and she begins the playback.
  7. Her eyes widen. She clicks the back button and we see what she sees.
  8. A mysterious figure moving slowly closer to the camera, someone who appears as an apparition. Finally we see it is a clown embraced by fire glaring menacingly out the computer screen to Caroline.
  9. She clicks past the image and the clown disappears from sight. She pauses and senses somethings wrong. she scans the room and unbeknownst to her the clown is standing right behind her.
  10. Cut forward to her wrestling the emergency servicemen to warn them of the clown and we zoom in to the doorway where the clown is standing observed by no-one other than Caroline.  

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