Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Character - Designing from Clip 4 - initial thoughts

Clip 4 - 'This is happening, he said he was going to do it and he's doing it now, the most stupendious, the most incredible crime of the century.'

Worlds To Choose from

Childrens Entertainment / Clowning

As far as I can tell it's from, 'The adventures of Sherlock Holmes'(1939) in which "The master sleuth hunts his archenemy Professor Moriarty, who is planning the crime of the century." The man playing Professor Moriarty in this particular reactment is George Zucco.

George Zucco Caricature Possibility
It was made quite clear in the briefing yesterday that we must remove the quote away from where it can be sourced. I believe that I can use the reference from that quote to instead refer to who it was regarding. George Zucco. I reckon I could use him as caricature and although I briefly researched him online I think he has some key features that could distinguish him apart from his co-actors and could breathe life into the basis for animation.

From the two worlds given to me I can connect a crime to both initially in the following ways;

  • Stealing a pet/food
  • Escaping the cage
  • Holding up the Clerk
  • Murdering the shopkeep?
Children's Entertainment/Clowning
  • Stealing a present/celebration food
  • Slap-stick (Punch and Judy style)
  • Murdering or devouring another character ( Itchy and Scratchy type)
  • Age restricted violence?
I will be brainstorming further when I think of more, but I think Caricature is a possibility and if that fails possibly using the key words from the sound clip to exaggerate the character.

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