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Opposing Characters - Batman vs Superman (2016) Review

Figure 1 - Batman vs Superman Theatrical Poster
Captioned the greatest superhero match up of our generation, Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice (2016) is a film that brings both characters to a single film as they bout for the victor. The audience has a subtle hint to the outcome through graphic novels and story arcs from the past of the DC universe that Warner Brothers brought to life onscreen. The society in this film believe there should be no Superman because of his alien like actions and Batman is the one who agrees and will also take Superman down. While Superman fears that Batman's actions are wreckless and fearing others. Meanwhile behind the scenes of this conflict, Lex Luthor is plotting something that will destroy mankind. This is what ultimately would pull the two unlikely allies together to face a common foe and save humanity. "Snyder has brought a different edge to the superhero genre, one that questions what drives these men of steel and creatures of the night to do what they do and believe what they believe. There is something to admire in that." (Pejkovic,M)
In this review I will be focusing on the opposition to these main characters. What really drives a wedge between their own personal outlooks of the world they both reside in and if any similarities may rise to highlight them. This will be done by reiterating the use of binary oppositions and applying that concept into film.
 Figure 2 - Batman
Batman is the assumed persona of Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), an orphaned Billionaire and heir to Wanye industries and a massive fortune. Left without parents from the actions one fateful night, he was forever scarred by the incident and never found resolution. Born and raised in Gotham City, he was taught to care for the people of this degrading city and the Waynes were a part of that society that sought to fix what was broken. So for Bruce to lose his family to what they attempted to amend was unacceptable and he grew dark and disconnected. His fear was Bats and for him to don that as a symbol was a mastery of fear and he wanted to impose that print on those whose wrongdoings affected the innocents. His journey throughout the film is a development of his views toward alien visitors and their dominance to what man can achieve. From not being to trust Superman is here to save humanity, to coming to common ground with an individual that is, like him driven to save others. A scene that captures this change is when Batman is about to take out Superman with a Kryptonite spear. "Why did you say that name? Martha? Why did you say that name? WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?" (Batman), at this pinnacle point Batman then begins to realize that Superman has undergone a similar origin to him where their families sought to protect and were wronged, that they would do anything to accomplish the task of saving others from that fate.
Figure 3 - Superman
Superman is the mantle that Kal-El (Henry Cavill) son of krypton possesses. Sent to earth in a pod while the rest of his race is torn apart from its own planets mass, he is an orphan to not just a family but to an entire race. Raised by Martha and Jonathon Kent on a farm in Kansas, Kal-El is given the name Clark Kent and is shielded from everyone and his abilities kept secret, in fear of what people would think. He then leaves the farm after the passing of his father and goes on a journey of discovery to learn the roots to his origin.
In this film which is a direct continuation of that journey, Now known to the world as Superman 'A beacon of hope' he now has the attention of the planet on his shoulders and is asked the question why does a man dressed in a Batsuit go unopposed while there is a man capable of godlike feats around? Superman's journey throughout the film is not being able to accept that a man who is clearly conflicted mentally should govern crime to his choosing unchallenged. There is a scene that perfectly shows his acceptance to the concept though, and that at this particular point of the film Superman no longer cares about his conflict with the Batman, but instead to save his human mother, Martha.

Figure 4 - Superman & Lex Luthor
Pictured above (Figure 4) is the confrontation between Superman and Lex Luthor, Lex learns of the truth behind the man of steel and has unmasked him. Taken his mother from him as a hostage and has pitted Superman to travel to Gotham where the Batman is waiting for a bout to the death. Superman for a moment is unhinged and is about to incinerate Lex which is a move that would stun and shock audiences of the cult fiction. Its a move that Superman would never do. Its this sense of desperation and outrage that gives Superman an incite to how Batman operates, Batman is a seasoned Anti-hero who has policed a city long enough to realize that cleansing is better than rehabilitating. 
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