Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Preliminary Narrative Ideas

Preliminary Narrative Ideas

So my group which consists of Ashley, Kyle, Lisa and myself were tasked to create a narrative that conveys a simple message in a given location. Our location was 'Under The Sea' and our message was 'If it aint broke don't fix it'.

Its the first time I have worked in a group on this course and am looking forward to co-working with my fellow students, we are in the initial development stage of creating our blog and our creative identity. We have chosen to begin our ideas individually, brainstorming and being as vague as possible. We hope to present a phrase or scenario that entices our imaginations further into investigating a path to conveyance.

'Under The Sea' doesn't have to be in the literal sense. In fact it may just have to hint to it being the origin or finish to the animation. Basically it being connected in a unique and dynamic way. 'If it ain't broke don't fix it', could be a task that is undergone or process that results in failure of some sort. The most interesting way to communicate to the audience maybe a dramatic or humorous approach but we must be careful not to loose our flair in any unneeded animation or information. I have thus came up with a few phrases/scenarios I aim to discuss with my group for further analysis.

  • Submarine mechanic creates havoc
  • Crustaceans moving shells
  • Fish lays imperfect egg
  • Fishermen's jealousy
  • The architects plughole
  • The Manfish - Swimming athlete elite
  • The Venice plunge

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