Friday, 26 September 2014

Researching into Initial Ideas - Rhys and Kyle

So Kyle and myself began scripting together our ideas and beginning to research into possible paths of creation. We had similarities in our initial ideas and we look to further express them by looking at possible styles and audiences. From my last post we both agreed that the following were intriguing for further investigations:
- Fishermen's Jealousy
- Crustaceans changing shells
- Submarine mechanic causes havoc

This animation short was just a bit of test footage for someone's animations, its quite simple and the use of the fixed camera with pan shows the environment smoothly to the audience. Perhaps we can use a fixed camera with a dynamic effect to show time passing and to speed the animation.

After watching this animation we came away with the thoughts that perhaps our idea could have the problem/ broken item being the item that causes success. For this animation it was all about the Polar Bear trying to get a catch and the problem being that the penguin was stealing all the fish.

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  1. Hi Rhys! Any further forward with a studio name?