Wednesday, 1 October 2014

'Under the sea' - Researching styles

On my group blog we have been discussing possible styles for our animation and with this post I want to cement my opinion on the matter. So please if you haven't yet seen our blog please check out

I really like the idea of creating 2D flat characters and dropping them into a 3D environment. Of course I understand that we need to first create fixed idea as we are split for choice at this moment in time, but I believe visually that they could use the style to compliment the animation in a selection of ways. I will be posting some storyboards and camera plans soon of our chosen idea to illustrate our intentions more clearly.

So the 2D characters, I would like to present them with flair possibly with animation sounds to symbolize actions and emotions. Initially I had thought of using pixel sounds, they are widely known and something as recognizable as the Pacman death tune or the Mario level up.

   Wreck it Ralph arcade machine
From the film Wreck it Ralph the perspective of the games machine is that the characters are presented in a 64bit pixelated form. It is when we are transported into this world that we discover that the characters are actually 3D and the only difference is their sizes and builds. All presented in the same sort of style. There are some items that do not translate into 3D and instead become cliché iconic items that are recognizable to the wide gaming community. I think that if we were to implicate this into an animation it would give it energy and form, playing with the use of perspective to open up the world in relation to story.

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