Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Narrative Structure: Five Act Structure, Inception

Inception (2010) Poster

Exposition & Inciting Incident: The introduction to Cobb and his allies. The predicament that hacking a clients dreams gets them in when they are recruited by Saito.

Rising Action: Grabbing Robert Fischer within his dream and escaping his subconscious, Saito being fatally wounded in the dream with the potential of being lost to Limbo.

Climax: The three kick stage that wakes the team up on all three levels of the dream, the intensity is predominant because if someone misses the kick they can be lost to the dream.

Falling Action: Cobb confronting Mal in the dream to take back Robert Fischer from his own projection, taking it upon himself to go to Limbo and retrieve Saito.

Denouement: Cobb successful in reaching Saito from the confines of Limbo and returning to the real world. Returning home to America and seeing his children once more.

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