Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Character: Researching #1


Jetpack Joyride - screenshot
Jetpack Joyride: App based game available on IOS and Android devices, the aim of the game is pretty much to travel as far as possible, collect coins and level up on the select screen once you eventually die. The helicopter of today, the game is high score driven with the focus not on story at all here, just that you go never ending from left to right. The story is non-existent really, you burst from a laboratory on a jetpack and are pitted against obstacles placed there why? No one knows.

Limbo: Again another game that was originally released as an app available on IOS and Android devices. You are warped into Limbo a world of darkness and despair, as you look to reunite with a girl you saw at the beginning at the top of a hill picking a flower. The game has you move freely in both directions and is made as a forgiving experience with multiple checkpoints given to the player. The puzzles are quite inventive and have you manipulating physics and the world around you.
Future Shooter: I decided to choose this particularly because of the colours and different armor customizations visible from this character select screen. Perhaps I too could incorporate the use of mechanized suits for the characters to move within, or perhaps make the mechs from durable fabrics and have the game play out like a Febreze commercial. Everything made from fabrics.

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