Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Heroes Journey - The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey

A Heroes Journey is one that pushes an individual out of their comfort zone and into the world, a path that would make them confront their greatest fears, conquer them and be willing to sacrifice what they believe in to answer the call to adventure.
In 'The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey' Bilbo is the main star of the adventure, a lone small creature living in a hill who is flung into the world beyond to help complete strangers take back their homeland. There is an underlying structure that Peter Jackson has followed to captivate audiences, it is quite similar to the Joseph Campbell monomyth structure and in this quick synopsis I will connect the film closely to this theory.
1. Call to adventure - Gandalf presenting himself to Bilbo as a friend and asking for his aid in an   adventure.
2. Refusal of call - Bilbo refuses the responsibility of being the burglar for the dwarves.
3. Supernatural aid - Bilbo wearing the ring to escape danger / Gandalf at any stage of the film.
4. Crossing the first threshold - Entering the mountainside with Thorins Company.
5. Belly of the whale - Being thrown before the Goblin king and his horde.
6. Road of Trials - Riddles with Gollum / Deception of the trolls.
7. Meeting the Goddess - Small council with Gandalf, Galadriel and Saruman.
8. Temptation - The sight of the ring for the first time / Bilbo drawing a sword on Gollum.
9. Atonement with the father - Encouragement to hope from Gandalf.
10. Apostasis - The return of Gandalf before the Goblin horde.
11. The Ultimate Boon - The fight against Azog and his minions.
12. Refusal of Return - Thorins company thinks Bilbo has gone home and given up the quest.
13. Magic Flight - Flight of the eagles.
14. Rescue from without - The fleeing from the woods ablaze from Gandalfs magic.
15. Crossing the return threshold - The prolonged landing of the eagles.
16. Master of two worlds - Bilbo wearing the ring and becoming a wraith.
17. Thorins company and co overlooking the Lonely Mountain and Erebor.

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  1. Thanks Rhys, although I did mention to use Chris Vogler's Journey and not Campbell's. Not to worry.