Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Narrative - Character Textured and skinning complete

I have corrected the Uv's from the initial layout that we accomplished, because of the radius and distortion of the eyes on the character it may have to be a case of only allowing the eyes to blink but not move. We will have to create free floating iris's to incorporate the movement we desire into the animation.

Texture was supplied by Ashley which i added to the Uvs that I had re-done correctly. There are distortions in the mould due to its paintily effect. 

When it came to skinning it was hard to follow Alans tutorial and incorporate his functions into my own work. The characters head in essence is his body and I managed to skin everything to a relatable joint that can move each area of the character.

Finished Skinning on the character. initially I imported the file with the tutorials ribbon spine into the scene to sculpt around, but i experimented using raw joints and parenting them with the mesh to allow movement. 
* The Ribbon Spine Concept

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