Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Under The Sea - Layout Development

                                                            Titanic Blueprint
Designing the interior and exterior of the ship we are going to have to look into preserving a section of the ship to make it more believable. It doesn't have to be a full model of the ship but if the camera decides to travel the space we need to give the illusion to the audience the whole ship is on the seabed. We originally wanted the characters environment to resemble the size and décor of the original Titanic. But we might consider modeling the environment to a luxury yacht that gave the Titanic a nod for inspiration.
                                                           Ship Layout Example
Here we took an example of a plan from Google images and looked at possible places we could place our character. To hint towards that heritage of a 20th century maiden voyage we must bring all the design aspects from the Titanic and place them aboard this vessel. Also we need to place the set environment carefully because with these sort of ships there are potentially multiple levels of luxury. We need to tread carefully and go with a trend of build to not lead to confusion. For example, placing the luxury Suite above the command deck/station. Because then how would the vessel sail if the bridge cannot sea the ocean?

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