Thursday, 16 February 2017

Adaptation Part B - @Alan Coney Globe Tower Idea

After my tutorial with Alan earlier this week, I left with the motion to revisit my idea stage and search for something to better enable me to design mechanically. The debate was also to consider the idea that the sense of the theatrical should be left alone, but in the ideas I had after the tutorial I came across an interesting concept that could possibly be considered.

Coney Globe Tower Scam

In the early 1900's a developer by the name of Samuel Friede bought a steeplechase field and offered investors a 100% return on their investments annually. The plan was quite grand scale and the floor plan was quite illustrious, this building would tower over the Flaitron building which at the time was the tallest building in the world. The entire investment was a scam but perhaps my Adaptation project could be to bring to life this ridiculous grand scale building. Scale it and have a fly through advert that would coax in 'Investor's' into an idea that is completely insane.

Coney Globe Tower Research

So the site of this build would be near the Coney island strip, it would dwarf buildings around it. Taking it to the side of theatrical I guess. The only way I could describe it is to the Brighton I360.

I had the idea of incorporating a 'Microsoft Buddy' into this tour of this unmade construct, I watched a few Fallout advertisements with a 2D character that would compliment the voice over. Plus the video effect would be key also. So this character(s) would compliment maybe the restaurants and social spaces of the Coney Globe.

Maybe this aspect isnt needed but I thought it might be a good addition. But modelling a construct like the Coney Globe Tower and advertising it to a 1900 market with designs and filtering effects.


  1. Sounds very appealing to me too!


    Many thanks :)