Thursday, 2 February 2017

Adaptation Part A - Infographic Questions

What is the definition of suicide?

Give the definition of what is a suicide, although people may understand what the term means many may overlook the extreme depression linked with the act.

What are the warning signs?

Explain the warning signs to people, as if they are picked up early on the individual can seek guidance, helpful advise or unload pressure onto a loved one.

What methods of suicide are attempted?

Give a detailed list of the attempted suicides to successful ones, once people are aware of these facts it would usually scare away individuals from the concept.

Is it selfish to take your own life?

Explain the selfishness of the act, the effects of not your life but the lives of people around you. Acknowledge depression is a footnote to the act but keep plugging that talking about your issues is key.
Can life get better?

Explain that life can get better, get the audience to ask the question if there are unfinished items of business? places to visit or people to see? Its key for this question to ask even further ones.

Where can I go to seek advise?

List the healthcare organisations with outreach programs, individuals the audience could approach to speak about their problems.

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