Thursday, 3 April 2014

Fantastic Voyage - Renders (Help!)

Okay so above is a render of my spores, it was in Production quality, 1920-1080, Mitchell and one frame took 40 mins to render. And even this isn't the resolution I want..

Then I did the same frame but this time it was in Default quality, 960-540, Gauss and it took 11 mins to render. Has anyone got any tips at all about what I could do in my render settings? Am I doing it wrong or does it make sense? Regardless over the weekend I aim to render out my Scenes in Default so I have something to work with.

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  1. Rhys - go and proactively seek out Simon H - he's already aware of your situation, and, like me, he suspects you're 'over-egging the pudding'. There's clearly something dysfunctional about your scene files - and you need to acknowledge this and find out what before you take things much further, or I predict trouble ahead - go find Simon, go find Alan, indeed, go find any year 3 student at a push. THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG, Rhys - go find out what it is!