Thursday, 3 April 2014

Fantastic Voyage - Scene Rough Plan

Scene 01 - Producing the spore and making the shaders for the animation. Making the worlds background using a black blinn and create a light source to reference my animation to. Add keys into my spore group to add bounces in for more manipulation in aftereffects.

Scene 02 - Add X-ray shader and all extras to the standing animation from Scene 01's swatches and key around 150 then spin smoothly clockwise and anticlockwise with a slower more dynamic camera following a vector path before focus lens centring on the main spore.

Scene 03 - The main spore from Scene 02 is Centrepiece rotating slowly clockwise and bouncing slightly and slowly before imploding and forcefully exploding the debris of the spore around the radius and the animation halts suddenly as the spore debris is frozen in time and dynamic camera focusing around the radius and into the haploid cell. Haploid cell drifts off with a vector path.

Scene 04 - Camera follows the haploid cell as it collides with another to form a diploid cell with the animation being a free form liquid. Animation is fast due to collision and animation frame count.

Scene 05 - Multiplication stage of the haploid making more nuclei but only forms a liquid freeform resembling Flubber and stretching the animation to become much bigger as the camera proceeds to zoom out to show the sense of scale.

Scene 06 - The Sporangium lead up stage with the animation documenting the fruiting process of the mould using after effects to pan across the animation using shapes and keying to signify importance.

Scene 07 - The zoom in and pan up of the sporangium as it grows in height and the zoom out of the animation to get the last shot of the spores escaping the top and off into the distance.

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