Monday, 9 March 2015

Film Review - The Triplets Of Belleville (2003)

Written and directed by Sylvain Chomet, The Triplets Of Belleville is an animation comedy released in 2003. The film is Chomets first feature film and was an international co-production among companies in France, The United Kingdom, Belgium and Canada. There is little dialogue to the production with the story telling done through the use of song and pantomime.

The animation is derived from french culture and follows the story of a boy named 'Champion' who dreams to win the Tour de France, the journey is wacky, grotesque and its plot is hidden beneath the exploits on screen by the absurd doings of the characters. The humour is quite dark in places and the animation looks to surprise at every turn, becoming quite surreal in places you would expect realism. With almost everything being exaggerated in some form, it keeps the animation fresh in the audiences mind and that being said keeps them glued to the screen.

I would recommend this film to those who enjoy watching humorous grotesque animations, a flair for the theatrical or into the wacky day to days of people who rival the personas of some cult classics such as 'Wacky Racers'.

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