Monday, 2 March 2015

Good Omens Art Style Re-think

I have looked at a number of different styles and I have tried working in them. The most of which was the adaptation of styles from Backwater Gospel and the TellTale game series. It was at this point that I drew the following image.

Alan and I discussed this outcome and decided it would be fruitful to look into drawing straight blockier character lines, more like a superhero comic series. So I was prompted to look at 'How to draw like Marvel'. It details everything someone would need incite to before creating the more well known poses and physiques we recognise from Marvel. 
Ill be making a blog post soon just following how I drew some of the tasks. I know full well the Good Omens novel doesn't have a link to superhero's but its the decisive straight bold lines that invoke me towards it. 

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