Thursday, 12 February 2015

Adaptation & Professional Practice Part B - Character Profiling


- An angel who CHOSE to reside on earth and safeguard humanity from the forces of evil.

- Regards all forms of life as sacred and all beings connect to one another.
- Understands the importance of the end of days and his role in the apocalypse.
- Calm and reserved, spends much time on his own collecting reading literature from humanities history. Obsessed in this effort.
- The exact opposite of the demon Crowley. They decided together to be the subtraction of each other.
- Well presented, very clean and decisive on his choice of attire.
- In one reference he wears an old magicians cloak and is described to have learned very old magician trickery.
- Favours tartan designs.
- Wears expensive clothing.
- 'Gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide'.
- Keeps his workshop Dusty clean.
- Gets caught up in what he's doing and doesn't let anything stop him from achieving his goals. Even if that means letting something innocent perish (Dove in coat).
- He sees Crowley as a friend and as his greatest adversary.
- No heavenly halo or wings.
-Angel of the eastern gate of heaven


- Said to be the serpent that tempted Adam and Eve in the garden of eden.

- Known as Crawly originally but changed his name to Crowley.
- Questions everything around him and their purpose in this world. A highly inquisitive fellow.
- He didn't mean to join the hell horde and regards himself to have been on the wrong side of the coin at Satans fall to the darkness.
- Described to not have horns or wings.
- He listens to queen a lot in his car, indicating he is quite the fan.
- Hates the idea of the end of days and is actually the one  who suggested altering the fate of humanity and putting it to chance once more.
- Has dark hair, good cheekbones, wears snakeskin accessories, and does weird things with his tongue. Like a snake.
- Tends to wear sunglasses in times where there is no need for them, to hide his yellow demonic eyes.
- Owns a posh pristine flat in Londons Mayfair district, with an overpriced and exuberant home cinema system. White leather furniture.
- Despite his demonic persona he hates creating suffering in others.
- Both highly regard Tchaikovsky and Beethoven.
-Owns an very old Bentley that can do unearthly speeds.

Adam Young

The anti-christ, the adversary, destroyer of kings, angel of the bottomless pit, great beast that is called dragon, prince of this world, father of lies, spawn of satan and lord of darkness.
- An unfortunate mix-up of babies during the birth of the anti-christ has him going home with the wrong family.
- He grew up without divine influence or satanic influences. Still able to unknowingly alter the world around him to his choosing. 
- He uses his power to shield the people around him and the things he loves. 
- On his eleventh birthday a hellhound is released to seek out the anti-christ. A massive black hound that turns into small canine. 
- Once he learns of the suffering of the world he endeavours to protect what he loves. From this the conclusion is made to destroy the world to make it anew, thus carrying out the original fate for humanities demise. 
- His power far exceeds the metatron and beelzebub in all affairs considering the apocalypse. 
- Prevents the apocalypse from occurring.   

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