Monday, 16 February 2015

Adaptation & Professional Practice Part B - Character mood board

The angel that chose to safeguard humanity from the forces of evil. He and Crowley are each others opposites and are here to balance the good and evil. Aziraphale dresses quite smartly and is often described to be someone caught in the closet within the library which would hint to the kind of attire he would wear. In this image I've matched him up to some possible connections to his persona and overall characteristics. He is the type of character who would become obsessed with the object matter, the book of prophecies he searches for engrosses all other tasks. A simple book that would be disregarded by others but holds such a significance with the character.
Adam Young
The anti-christ and the centre of the plot, he is given to the hospice by Crowley and is switched into humanities fray. He hasn't been taught of his satanic heritage or his redemption in divine intervention. Adam can unknowingly alter the reality around him to what ever is his choosing. In 'Good Omens' he is said to have more power than Metratron and Beelzebub. The characters I have linked Adam to also have this trait, they can alter minds or realities to their own personal gains.
The demon that is the counterpart of Aziraphale on Earth. He is here to carry out Beelzebubs plans for the end of days. He loves being evil but through his many years on Earth has come to realise that he wishes to save it from the coming rapture. A demon that aspires to be an angel in his actions by altering the plans for the apocalypse. Unlike Adam, Crowley accepts his demonic side and uses it to alter small things around him and cast 'magic'. He is seen to be charming but blunt in his conversations, dresses smartly and has link to the serpent in the garden of eden.

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