Friday, 6 February 2015

Adaptation & Professional Practice Part A - Infographic


  1. I like your graphic designs Rhys, they’re drawn well and have a literary/print quality too them. They’re also visually crisp and clear making easy to read and easy to communicate with. I also like your transitions which again have a very simple but satisfying quality too them via a good use of colour variation and animation (timing). The selection of font is also a good choice. However, overall I find your video less successful in terms of its ability to communicate information clearly. This is due to the following reasons:

    1) Too much text : The role of an infographic is to eliminate the need for long descriptive sentences. The information should instead be told through the use of graphic design and layout, animation (of objects/ text arriving/ leaving and whilst on screen), and small words (very short sentences) - This is still the true even if there is a voice over. However in this case however you’ve relied too much on text to explain what’s happening instead of weaving the information into the graphics and animation. Why the graphic designs if you’re just going to say it with words?

    2) Animation without purpose: Because the audience needs to read lots of small text it means your animated objects are distracting. They also don’t add anything to the experience because all of the information is in the text. The text should be reduced and the amount of relevant animation (storytelling) increased - See examples below…

    Take a look at Danny’s and Heidi’s work below:

  2. * However in this case however you’ve relied = However in this case you’ve relied