Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Adaptation & Professional Practice Part B - Crowley & Aziraphale Design Inspirations

I researched some possible attires for Crowley, I was most drawn to the largest costume on the screen because of the embodied designs into the trench-coat. For me it illustrates how old the design could be and intricate as if carefully planned. It could then help the viewers realise he is very stylish and intelligent. This paired with the addition of the glasses and yellow snake eyes could make for a sinister character design.

Also it would make sense for there to be some form of patterning into his clothing because he is first introduced as a snake to the audience, even down to the fact he hisses his tongue every now and then. I understand that the book explicitly says that he wears all out black attire, but I would like to break the colour into a crimson shade also, because then I could bring another colour into creating Aziraphale.

To fit Aziraphale into the same kind of environment as Crowley there needs to be similar or opposite design choices in his attire, I thought that the waist coat could have heavenly symbols on it and really sell him as a pure certified religious character, but toned down slightly. maybe small hints towards this. Ideally I would like to use light greys and brilliant whites for this character, maybe the scarf he wears could be a tartan green?

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