Monday, 25 November 2013

Black Narcissus Review

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  1. Hi Rhys,
    Firstly, some technical issues - after your quote, you need the author's surname and the date, so (Kehr, 2010) for example. In the bibliography, the date goes after the author's name, and it's just the year that is required - so
    Kehr, D (2010)...
    Make sure you label the images - Figure 1 etc. - under the image itself. The you can just say, 'as shown in figure 1' rather than 'the above image'.
    The formatting is a bit off - towards the end, you can't see the top or side of the text.
    Make sure that the words mean what you think they do! - you have 'implored' several times which means 'begged'... I think you wanted 'employed' as in 'used'.