Monday, 25 November 2013

Post OGR 2 Influence Map and revised concept

Following the feedback I gathered from my last OGR I have re-scripted my character biography, concept and hero prop. It was true that the previous idea was derived to create a depiction from the origins of the volcanic princess and not her actual lair. So re evaluating once more is crucial so that I go into Maya with a stronger concept.

I have decided to follow Phil's advice and incorporate a Playpen environment with an Obsidian texture, and contained within this space would be the toys of the Princess, she would this time be depicted as a spoilt little brat that would have temper tantrums and destroy her toys. Unbeknown to her that her destruction actually occurs on the surface world, almost like a voodoo effect. I hope to have a strong concept before this weeks end and jump into Maya and begin scripting the scene.

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