Monday, 11 November 2013

Volcanic Princess Environment Influence Maps Revised

I have begun to notice that my thumbnails detailing the environment of the secret lair of the Volcanic Princess are beginning to lack incentive and becoming more and more generic in presentation. After recieving my feedback after the initial OGR of this project I decided to revise the space of the lair and to find a new reference of information to fund my ideas from. After looking at Hepheastus and Pele I decided to continue with these Greek columns and detailed alcoves to base my designs from. And as for the Volcanic aspects of the design I looked at conceptual artwork and some game design. This is because the space I am looking to achieve is going to be something impossible in real-life standards, so to refer to media where in a sense we are the creators. My great fear of this project is replicating Lava correctly for my audience but after a brief chat with Simon and Jordan I believe I am more confident in proceeding ahead but to finialize a set perspective and composition I must implore the use of pipetting almost key design elements into my own work.

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