Thursday, 28 November 2013

New character biography - Volcanic Princess

Deep within the obsidian rock under the mountain there lies an ancient secret, another dimensional plane of existence where the fire deities find sanctuary from the poisoning world of the humans. A kingdom resides here, led by a malicious King and Queen who rule the destructive elements of magma with an iron fist. They demonstrate their destructive power upon the humans whenever they are in need of being taught a lesson by the true rulers of the Earth. Pompeii, Krakatoa these were just examples of the horrifying destruction they are capable of committing without remorse.  Ages have passed and the kingdom requires a new heir to the throne, one to continue the reign of the malevolent rulers that have forever existed since the dawn of fire. The King and Queen have conceived a child, a cruel and vile princess that is destined for greatness from the prophecies of the ancients, perhaps to overthrow the dominance of humans who plague the land above. The Volcanic Princess is rejoiced as a new change upon the kingdom and a dawn of a new age.

But all Princess’s must grow in both age and discipline and the Volcanic Princess is endanger of never grasping control of her intolerable temper displayed when she doesn’t receive what she wants. She has laid waste of her hand servants reducing them to ash during one of her temper tantrums. Now she resides in her playpen in a sort of a solitary confinement until she does what she’s told, but she has daddy’s newest toy to fiddle with. A voodoo pen where she replicate her father’s triumph’s on the world above, placing the building blocks center and placing the Obsidian fire stone within the keyhole she can unleash the element of rage and destroy her creation. Some would say that the confinement would be good for the young child but others disagree that one day she could burn the entire world and she would engulf us all with her volcanic rage.  The Obsidian pen has slowly grown small for her, perhaps she is too small for this space and it’s time for her to really play!

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