Thursday, 20 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage - HUD Trapcode effect

Today I spent a very long time following numerous tutorials on how to achieve a trapcode/particular effect that would engage my audience into my HUD designs. I had looked into an effect called 'trapcode planet' and I looked to recreate this with my own stylisation. The outcome of the day is 6 seconds of footage that has this small animation keyed to a number of different positions, the effect reminds me of the Iron Man HUDS I have looked at in the past. I want to create different compositions and flex designs to annotate actions in my animation, I am thinking of going from green - amber - red to symbolise state changes in the life cycle and the colours to only be displayed on the HUD.
And here is my own version for trailed for my animation. Its purpose could be served as a HUD brain or I could do trapcodes integrating each stage.

Looking at this again I think the animation is a little too quick so I may smoothen over the keyframes and lengthen the video


  1. instead of re-keying it, simply take it into Premier and adjust the speed/duration :)