Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Memento Film Review

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  1. Hey Rhys!

    Ok, so I have come at this film review not having seen the film myself, so I have to admit to being a little confused... you introduce a 'man with cognitive problems' without giving us his name, and then go on to talk about Sam and Lenny...I appreciate that they turn out to be the same person, but I think you needed to differentiate between them somehow during the opening of the review.
    On a technical note, your referencing after the quotes should just consist of the author's surname and the date, both in seem to have focussed on the first names. So your references should be (Nashawaty, 2011), (Gonzalez, 2001) and (Nesbit, 2013). Similarly in the bibliography, you would have the surname, then the initial of the first Nashawaty, C. etc.

    You should also not call the author's of the quotes by their first names as this sounds a little to 'pally' and familiar. You can introduce them by their full name, but thereafter just use their surname. So for example, 'As Chris Nashawaty says in his review...' and thereafter 'It could be argued that Nashawaty means...' etc.