Monday, 16 January 2017

Adaptation Part B - Initial Ideas @Alan

Initial Ideas for the project

I was instructed to think of things to adapt that mean much to me on a personal level. The more personally engrossing the better time I will find working on this project for the 14 week period we have. So here is a basic outline for some of the ideas I had to showcase before my tutorial tomorrow.

Adapting Gary Jules's 'Mad World' 
Imagine from the lyrics a story surrounding a growing child looking after a degrading terminally ill parent, with an underlying tone of misery > hope.

The Life Of Abbie
A fondness of the pet I grew up with since I was 3 all the way till I was 19. She was estimated to be 126 dog years and to create an animation from a collage of memories we shared together.

Designing the fabled car Carrol Shelby died before making
Camilo Pardo the designer behind the 2005 Ford GT, claims that he and Carrol Shelby were working on a new car just before Shelby passed away in 2012. Creating a hybrid vehicle that embodies the best of Ford and Shelby into one prominent design.

Game about the fear of the dark
Nyctophobia is a fear most seen in children, to create a game about a child's journey to find its parents in the middle of the night. The obstacles being enemies made from the minds construct of outlines in inanimate objects. (Hanging coat becoming a monster once in the dark).

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