Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Adaptation Part A - Infographic Music Choice

I've invested some real time into choosing the appropriate song for the rhythm of my infographic, after my previous tutorial with Alan I went away and researched a ton of royalty free music that could fit the feel and look I desire. I looked at uplifting piano instrumentals, the reason I thought this could work in my favor was to recognize that the topic of suicides are quite dark and sad. Having this song added to my content would hope to inspire the audience.

Over the weekend I was browsing through television channels when I saw the most recent Lloyd's banking advertisement. It uses a smooth piano instrumental and dialogue to calmly introduce its information. I wanted to also use this as my music choice, Ive had a gander at the composer's facebook page and she's kindly agreed to allow me to showcase her song in my infographic.

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