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B Movie - Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954) Film Review

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Creature from the Black Lagoon is an old 1954 horror movie directed by Jack Arnold.  He is one of the leading film-makers in the 1950’s.he has directed famous thriller movies like, It Came from Outer Space (1953) and. Tarantula (1955). This film is about a group of scientists in a jungle in search of an undiscovered animal, after finding its residuals in a jungle.

The purpose of this particular review is to analyse elements of the films and discuss what actually makes this to be a B-Movie and positive key points that makes the film still be prominent. This film was supposedly filmed in 3D and the director used the polarized light method. The whole story is about an underwater monster killing everyone who is trying catch him and disturbing his natural habitat and of course falling in love with a girl. The monster is none other than a man in a suit and holding his breath under water for 4 min. Nothing is really horrific about it except the monster suit itself. Another thing that seems to be quite irritating would be the part when the music plays repeatedly when the monster appears. This film does have certain flaws here and there but that makes it a B-Movie, which also includes poor acting.

                                         Fig. 2 ( Sea Monster)

However, contrarily the film is has done amazingly in many other ways. We are dealing with a Fish man in this film and something that hasn’t been discovered by anyone. A great place to shoot this film would be a jungle and there is nothing better than the Amazon. The environment educes this kind of feeling of going back in time and attempting to see the world before humanity set foot. 
Another aspect that seems to be enlightening is the underwater sequences; they are shot beautifully. The creature being able to explore and able to hide behind sea plants when intruders and only attack them after it feels confident enough.

Overall, it is a great film that has caught many audience attention and still stands to be one of the greatest B-Movies made in history.

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