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Exploitation Cinema - Mad Max Fury Road (2015) Film Review

Fig. 1 Movie Poster
Fury Road is part of the Mad Max series and presents itself in this fantastic feature. Set in a post-apocalyptic environment where the earth has turned to ''dust'' as it were, we meet Max who is a character with clear inner-struggles that is constantly hovering the line between sanity and utter madness. Miller presents the world with cars and other means of transportation to be worshipped and human life to have no value. There is disease, poverty and water supplies are kept private as a means to control the population.

Although the title may suggest that Max is the main character, however the alpha in this film are the females. Namingly a woman called Furiosa, and as Robbie Collin writes, ''Furiosa is one of the toughest, most resilient action heroes in years, with a metal prosthetic arm that hints at past trauma and a steely gaze that sees more on the way. Like Sigourney Weaver's Ripley in the Alien films, the character is informed by her sex but not defined by it, and Theron superbly embodies her stoicism, nerve and resolve.'' (R. Collin. 2015). She is clearly one not to mess with and along with her we have the wives of Immortal Joe. Beautiful women and the perfect symbol of purity and beauty. These females are what start this who chase-orientated movie. As they don't appreciate being used as cattle for Immortal Joe's needs. They want to escape and Furisoa takes them away in a giant war-rig. (see Fig.2)
Fig. 2 
A beautiful piece of machinery that houses gallons of water and ''mothers-milk''. The idea is that Furisoa takes them to a pass and trades a pod of petrol for safe passage, but as they escape they procure and entourage of vehicles from the three factions - the bullet farm, the men from Gas town alongside Immortal Joe from the citadel.

Aside from the mass chase theme and the dust, dirt and explosions the plot is simply structured and without really understanding the rest of the series you don't really get to lost. It's a brilliant example of well placed camera work, great CGI and great acting all round. I witness this with a silver sprayed smile.

Image List:
Miller, G (2015) Figure 1. Mad Max Fury Road Poster.
Miller, G (2015) Figure 2. Mad Max War Rig

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