Thursday, 12 January 2017

Adaptation Part A - Pitching ideas

I pulled out a phrase out the box to start of my infographic for Part A for the adaptation project, and that phrase was 'Questions to ask before ______'

Instead of just listing 10 ideas for the pitch and development I spent longer thinking of more. Here are the ideas I have come up with so far

Questions to ask before:

1- Having a baby
2- Sex
3- Driving in the winter
4- Going on holiday
5- Choosing a religion
6- Voting for a political race
7- Choosing a restaurant
8- Asking someone on a date
9- Going camping
10- Going on a night out
11- Becoming a vegan
12- Becoming an adult
13- Killing your co-worker
14- Moving out
15- Buying a car
16- Committing suicide
17- Buying a pet
18- Making a social networking account
19- Travelling through time
20- Having a film marathon
21- Becoming celibate
22- Starting the day
23- Going for an interview

My personal favourites are

- Becoming a vegan
- Moving out
- Choosing a restaurant
- Asking someone on a date/going on a date
- Making a social networking account

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  1. Hi Rhys

    Pitch Feedback

    That’s a long list you have there, Rhys. Whilst I’m happy you could think up this many the goal was to present 10 not 23 – The idea is to edit yourself and decide (professionalism). With that said the five that you’ve singled out help indicate your thoughts. However, if I had to choose from your whole list I would single out ‘suicide, becoming an adult, having a baby, driving in winter, going for an interview, going camping, becoming a vegan, moving out, and starting the day’. The reason for those choices are their ‘helpful nature’ – Whether they are made in a humorous or serious way they will have an underlying message. In particular, I think the idea of making a humorous infographic which feature a helpful message about suicide is particularly noteworthy - A film which makes people ‘climb of the ledge’ and remember what they have to live for is very generous. However, whatever you choose I would recommend looking at its core theme in terms of lingering message, what are you intending to leave the audience with at the end?