Monday, 16 January 2017

Adaptation Part A - Idea in Progress

So for my info-graphic project I have initially decided to go along the route of creating a guide on the 'Questions to ask before committing suicide'. I feel like it would be particularly noteworthy to individuals and I think it would be crafted to get them to 'Climb off the ledge'. The experience could be humorous to audiences and have them reflect on their own experiences and ask the question if it can be fixed instead of avoided.

I think on way it can be achieved is to rig a simple 2d character fail at multiple attempts of suicides while information is being displayed in an informative way. Even though this is a 4 week project I believe creating a simple 2D blocked out character is the way forward, have the text detailing the questions to be asked before the action and then the statistics supporting that.

Example of suicide infographic

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