Thursday, 31 October 2013

Character biography - The Volcanic Princess

The Volcanic Princess is a tale that has been fabled throughout the ages to inspire the light of a dying land. Her name was lost a long time ago but her title is renowned through the old world. It was said she was a innocent princess born to an overprotective King and Queen rulers of an immortal race, who saw their weakness in their creation. They begged a great sorcerer to craft a pendant of pure light to safeguard the good intentions of the land. Locked away from the horrors of the land the princess rarely was allowed to venture into the castle grounds, the threat of dark spirits and ill-doers were constant. The land began to decay into darkness until one day the King demanded the evacuation of his kingdom to the southern regions hoping to outrun the evil. On the convoy through the old mountain pass between the crossroads of dark and light, the front and back were separated. The King ordered his men to guard his Princess with their lives and told her to stay close to them as the light from her pendant would guide them to the correct path. Salvation was near but it was said that the Princess became influenced by the surrounding darkness and she became prone to her greatest fears. She chased a voice away from her company and was lost to the dark void of the mountain, the voices whispering her to journey to the end of the void. The Princess came to the end of the physical world, a gateway to another part of the mountain a gateway she did not realise once crossed would decide her fate for eternity. Forever entrapped within the mountain as it sprung to life, fire and ash skyrocketed to relieve the light from the dark and reality became distorted, a dream state. She became part of the mountain and its elements. The Volcanic Princess governs the space between the light and darkness of the old land and exists purely to balance the fate of all. 

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  1. Hi Rhys
    I really love this character bio, it's interesting to read and sets up a great base for your lair! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out !