Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Summer Project Drawings #1

I began to play around with ideas that were forming from the list of objects we were presented, I found that creating Life-forms was possibly the easiest to do out of the three, with Structures proving the most tedious. I say this in remorse because every time I tried to use a shape or form that is obvious from one of the items the Structure would seem plain and not as interesting as it could be. For example I would use the 'Lighter' as a template and then create a structure, but when it came to realisation I found it was easier to convert the design into a Machine, these were more engaging I feel and I began to struggle with Stuctures on the project. All illustrations were complete using pens, biro, pencils and markers. I would have explored digital means but I didn't have the resources at home to produce such artwork, perhaps in my next thumbnails I can explore different methods.

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