Friday, 25 October 2013

Final Concepts

 I present all three finished final pieces, I have to admit that I didn't tackle the development stages in the most convention method. I thought that the museum extract would present the most problems, expecially with the lighting, colour and perspective. I am not too sure about the fill of orange but I wanted to illustrate the sunset daunting over the space, also the flux of colours is supposed to convey the wonder that is taking place, the fact that this space is fascinating and holds wonder. The other two finals; The Workshop and Cave sections, work well I feel. I did take the cave from a undeveloped thumbnail and work out the perspective and redid the lighting. Overall I think I could say in my Cinematic Spaces Crit that I tried to show how the use of lighting and colour can bring emotion to a scene especially when it needs you to engage to expect in finding something out of the ordinary

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