Friday, 4 October 2013

Maya Tutorial One

I completed my introduction tutorial to Maya today and completed three different Eggcups comprised from using three methods; Polygon, NURBS and Subdivisions. The first one was straight forward to recreate and I was at ease with the tutorial. The second was a Curve that I followed the curvature of the Polygon Eggcups outline, the last one was tedious and I hated it. Ill obviously become more accustomed to using Subdivs but this was my attempt, expecting some good feedback! :)


  1. Hi Rhys,

    I am Ernesta, 3rd year CGAA student. I will be your mentor for this year. It's very nice see you posting! keep on going. And I can't wait to see you very first thumbnails for the environment project.

    My blog is:, so if you have any questions or feel like need any help at all just comment on one of my posts (: Or just find my in university!

  2. Thanks Ernesta :) I won't hesitate to ask for help if needed and I will follow your blog

  3. Congrats, Rhys - you'll hate everything a bit less soon - promise.