Tuesday, 15 October 2013

King Kong Review - Space Oddities

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  1. Hi Rhys!
    Ah, there is always one that slips through the net...and on this occasion, it appears to be you! :)
    Anyway, well done on getting your film reviews out there promptly - it will save you a lot of hassle later on, believe me...
    Ok, so my comments relate really to all your previous reviews; firstly, style. It is important that your writing has an 'academic voice', and the easiest way to do this is to not write in the first person, but in the third. So, instead of saying, 'I think', you could say, 'It could be said' or 'One could say'. It seems a bit unnatural when you first start doing this, but it will make all the difference. Also, don't use exclamation marks, as they take away from the seriousness of the piece; it just makes it sound chatty, which you don't want.

    Try and keep your film review separate from your own work; you can mention the influence the film has on your style etc in your other blog posts about the project, but keep the film review just that.

    Make sure that your film titles are in italics; it makes all the difference to the meaning of your sentences - for example, you write ' Expressing the importance of the influence emitted from King Kong'...it sounds like the gorilla himself is emitting some sort of influence!

    Try and introduce your quotes via the author, so for example,' Dave Kehr says in his review of the film, that,'blah blah blah...' You then need to 'unpick the quote to show that you understand it's significance.

    Make sure that you reference the quote directly after using it, with the author's surname and the date, in brackets. Look here for full details on referencing just about anything!


    You should also have a look at the material available on the myUCA website, under the Cinematic Spaces unit, Teaching Materials, Essays and Articles, Academic Writing - hints and tips. This will show you how to use quotes effectively, and also write in the 3rd person!

    Looking forward to your Space Odyssey review! :)