Friday, 9 January 2015

Adaptation and Professional Practice Part A - Initial visual research

Dumb Ways to Die, is a dark comical animation regarding the ridiculous deaths of these strange cartoon characters. its a campaign to get peoples attention toward health and safety around trains. The elaborate deaths with the collaboration of the woman softly singing about these impending deaths almost makes the acts acceptable and fun. The audience would probably be from quite young as well because of the colorful gruesomeness of the piece, we've all been taught what would roughly happen if you were to be in one of the situations of dumb ways to die. So we are being told what we already know in a fun and exuberant way.

Kung Fu Panda, for the un-informed people out there, is a animation created by Dreamworks following the story of a unlikely warrior as he faces various tests of valor, bravery and skill. The Panda Po, must be taught in the mysterious teachings of ancient kung fu and in the above clip you can see a short clip of him being taught in a harsh manner the skills he would require to fulfill his position as a master at kung fu. Even though it links to kung fu and not to being a ninja/shinobi, I feel this is relevant to the theme. It uses humor to draw in the audience to his trials so perhaps I could also deploy humor in mine to create the response I need in the audience to pay attention to the screen.

My Typical Morning, Is a funny animation about someone having conflicting alarms that go off every few moments to alert the character and wake him from his sleep state. All the alarms are set to 07.00 with the snooze happening also, there are a few alarms that go off after 07.00 that keep the mechanic active throughout the animation. The character also does some activities that would be vital to the morning schedule, there could also be additional steps he could have taken but I was drawn to this animation for its humor around a simple task.

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