Friday, 9 January 2015

Adaptation and Professional Practice Part A - Pitch Feedback

From the pitch for the adaptation project part A, I received positive feedback on quite a few of my ideas with nods and hints to what could be successful if conveyed across to the audience correctly. The ideas that stuck to the pitch audience were;
  • A morning person
  • A ninja
  • A serial killer
  • A wizard
  • A healthier person
  • A planet/star

A planet/star
Healthier person

In process of elimination I will try to single out the ideas I feel would be difficult to lengthen out 10 individual steps to produce the said theme. I think that the planet, star and healthier person have quite a variety of factual knowledge and statistics and I feel that they would be easy to detail 10 steps successfully.


A wizard
A serial killer

The wizard and the serial killer ideas both have the potential to become great info graphics if done correctly and the tones suiting the themes that jive them up in a way that compliments them both. I can see the serial killer idea being quite comical if I presented it in a dark humorous way, for example the bodies being disposed of in a collage of different ways. has potential to be controversially dark but with a humorous undertone. The Wizard idea would reflect on learning incantations and brewing potions, it would be a fixed info graphic without relevance as the theme itself is absolute fiction.

A morning person
A ninja
I feel that these two would be the most challenging of the six ideas I've taken time to reflect upon, again both have much potential but I don't know if I can stretch the steps out equally over the areas. As relevant as the morning person idea is to the audience, it needs to ring true with the majority of them. More research would be needed here in my own opinion, creating a questionnaire about the theme could help. A ninja on the other hand could be comical and also cliché as the trope is for a ninja to hide in the shadows and strike enemies with precision. They also reside in temples in the mountains somewhere. The danger is not evenly distributing the steps to a progressive climb, at the moment I'm restricted to about 6 steps on this before reaching the end.
The Verdict
I am drawn more to the ninja and the serial killer ideas, I know the strengths and weaknesses but there may still be some inclines on the way. I also see the promise of the 'morning person' theme and I think with the right research and progression, its the winner here for the time being but it being from the off, I want to keep my options open to the ninja and serial killer ideas also. I may look into research into these themes and then cross reference them to my own findings and ideas and make a more executive decision then.

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