Thursday, 15 January 2015

Adaptation & Professional Practice Part A : Evaluation of Ratings

From the short rating system I made for the steps for becoming a morning person. I took a brief initial questionnaire that the subjects would rate each step out of 5 being relevant to them and 1 being non-relevant. In total I asked 6 people just to get an idea for the steps that seemed most appeasable to the audience. I have also tried to put them into progressive steps so step one is going to be something that you would presume would come first and not last.

1. Go to sleep when you are tired
2. Get up at the same time every day
3. Persevere and be realistic (Composure)
4. Start slowly (Alarm)
5. Expose yourself to natural light
6. Be hygienic
7. Eat a breakfast
8. Caffeine
9. Listen to your favorite tunes
10. JFDI

Above is the revised list that I have comprised from the results from my short questionnaire. I have put them into a chronological order I think is fit to a wide audiences morning. There are a few steps that can be re-phrased to become even more relevant. for example the caffeine step could be anything that would be a consumable that would waken the subject. JFDI stands for Just F****** Do It, and I am wondering if its too blunt and would deter the audience from the general message. Its supposed to just be humour to get on with the day in a positive attitude.

I will be making alterations to the naming of the steps if necessary but this is the order I want it presented in.

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