Friday, 16 January 2015

Adaptation & Professional Practice Part B: Feedback

For the Adaptation & Professional Practice Part B project, I would like to create character designs that can then propose an animation project into the area. I wish to do character design because I feel personally I haven't explored the area well enough, both in initial designs and in maya builds. I would like to make this the project that has me going back to developing characters and working on this skill.

Alan and I discussed some feasible sources to create an adaptation from, I presented 4 possible choices of novels;  The Martian, Good Omens, Steelheart and finally Misspent Youth. All of the books have a promise to character I believe and the best I think would be 'Good Omens'.

Terry Pratchett has a reputation for detailing splendid characters, I also believe that from extracts I can create 3D character designs for them. Of course I must read this novel to uncover reasons to why the characters must be created to propose an animation. I researched some quotes of the character descriptions taken directly from the novel, I think the details are enough for a starting point for creating the characters three-dimensionally. Also take into account that the descriptions of the characters aren't all put on the same paragraph as they are introduced. Their attitudes and appendages are detailed the longer you read about them;

The Four Horsemen of the apocalypse

-He has the grinning, skeletal appearance of the traditional image of the Grim Reaper, and his voice is “a dark echo from the night places, a cold slab of sound, grey, and dead”
-Extremely tall, when wishing to conceal his identity he wears a long black coat and hides his terrifying features behind a motorcycle helmet
-Death unfurls “wings of night, wings that were shapes cut through the matter of creation into the darkness underneath” and reveals himself as “the angel of Death”.

-In the Good Omens universe, War isn’t a man, but a woman, who calls herself Scarlett or Carmine Zuigiber
-Her hair was true auburn, neither ginger nor brown, but deep and burnished copper-color, and it fell to her waist in tresses that men would kill for, and indeed often had. Her eyes were a startling orange. She looked twenty-five, and always had”
-Her laugh is like “machine-gun stutter
-And though she’s described as beautiful, it’s “the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close”

-Looks like a “pleasant, thrusting, successful businessman”
-He’s thin, of course. He has black hair, a short black beard, and he dresses all in black. He has “dark grey eyes”
-“Tall gent with a beard, nice suit.”

- “His skin was pale, his hair a faded blond, his eyes light gray. He was somewhere in his twenties at a casual glance, and a casual glance was all anyone ever gave him.
- “Farther down the riverbank sat a young man dressed all in white. His hair was white, his skin chalk pale. He looked like Victorian Romantic poets looked just before the consumption and drug abuse really started to cut it”
- A little later, it’s specified that his hair is long
- He enjoys his job: to him, a polluted river is “all so damn beautiful”
- “The wind blew empty crisp packets and newspapers and ice cream wrappers in with him. They danced around his feet like excited children, then fell exhausted to the floor.”

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