Friday, 16 January 2015

Adaptation & Professional Practice Part A - infographic style ideas

I have looked into a few different animations and info graphics I feel could influence my own workings and perhaps inspire a new style for me. Taken from a scene in Wall-e, this is the culture aboard the axiom. With the screens heavily influencing the lives of the passengers, it instructs them on the day. The enthusiastic voice is ironic I think because everyone aboard the vessel is morbidly obese, the Axiom's screens detail a 'Healthy' style with big bold fonts and various bright colors to catch peoples attentions. Also I noticed a selection of frames where the computer tells passengers to change colors by literally scrolling from a red to a blue shader. Simple animation, but serves a purpose I think.

Another idea was to re-arrange existing information on screen by adapting them into other forms. I was inspired by the Monsters Inc opening sequence of animation. If I was to replicate this kind of animation into my own working I would probably use a folding technique or like a pop-out. Linking to the information gained by one of my previous posts, the information could fork out from one object with the re-arrangement of sentences and imagery on screen.

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