Friday, 16 January 2015

Adaptation & Professional Practice Part A - Tutorial Feedback Week 1

After consulting with Alan on the results of my '10 steps to becoming a morning person' research and findings, I have progressed further into my development. Alan agreed that the list need alterations and re-phrasing here and there. He is a draft of that revised list of steps;

  1. Go to sleep at the same time everyday
  2. Start slowly (Alarm)
  3. Expose yourself to natural light
  4. Be hygienic
  5. Eat a breakfast
  6. Caffeine
  7. No gadgetry
  8. Listen to your favorite music
  9. Persevere and be realistic (Composure)
  10. JGU&FDI

Also for style we discussed the application of using breakfast cereal colours to create a consistent flow of 'morningness' in the audience. Each colour would represent the step perhaps, I shall be looking into cereal types and seeing if I can connect them to the steps.
So for example the colours for steps 2 and 3 could be light oranges to whites, because it is the rise of the morning, sun rise and would remind the audience breakfast could potentially also come near.

Alan gave me the idea of using the fonts and colours in collaboration with one another, maybe even base the size and style of font on the shapes of the cereal I could be using. Or the other option would be to negate from this and choose a consistent font style that can be used throughout. But I must take into consideration the styles of the colour and animation usage or they wont integrate properly.

Next Step
From this point I must try to fit some colours and shapes of cereals into the steps, plan each step on screen whilst consulting with Alan. Finally the animation style needs to start developing in after effects with some playblasts of examples and the direction I want to take.

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